Wholesale Biodegradable  Ziplock Bags

Compostable Ziplock Bags

  • Earth-friendly option for entrepreneurs who care for their planet.
  • No more worries about which trash is compostable.
  • Zero-waste shipping means our packaging will degrade without harm to the environment.
  • Keep the Earth green and clean for future generations.
  • No harm to the earth, animals, or humans.
  • The truest, greenest way to shop.

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Why We Should All Be Using Compostable Ziplock Bags?

Ziplock bag is a common household product. When you think about it, what’s so great about using a regular plastic bag? Firstly, it’s not reusable which means that it eventually ends up as a landfill and contributes towards global pollution. Secondly, since they are made from materials that take hundreds of years to decompose, we will be seeing them on earth for generations to come.The most important thing we can do to combat the effects of this pollution is to make sure we stop using ziplock bags and replace them with compostable ziplocks bags.

Another good reason to buy plastic-free ziplock bags is the fact that they are eco-friendly and sustainable. They can be used to package your food items without any worries of them being thrown away in the customary black plastic bag.

The Benefits of compostable Ziplock Bags

With the use of compostable ziplock bags, people are not only reducing their contribution to landfill waste but also actively participating in the green movement. With these bags, you can save your food for longer periods of time and avoid waste. Biodegradable ziplock bag is an eco-friendly alternative to regular plastic sandwich bags that will biodegrade easily when buried or placed in a home composter.

Is the Compostable Packaging Right for You?

Compostable packaging bags can be a great option for most packing needs. They are more environmentally-friendly and they don't end up in landfills.

With these types of biodegradable bags, you will not have to worry about the bag getting stuck on the tree or blowing away into the ocean. It will also decompose at a rate of 12% to 18% per year.

Biobags are a good solution for any business with a lot of waste since they can be composted or thrown away in an industrial composter.