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Biodegradable dog poop bags

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These are not harmful to the Planet.

They will biodegrade soon and not stay around for decades
Bags do not tear easily, so hands stay clean.
Great bags overall, and it helps that they are slightly entertaining.
Easy to get open, durable, these rolls are wider in diameter.
Refuse plastic pollution and reconstruct our environment

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Why should we use biodegradable dog poop bags?

Living in an apartment or condo, we go through a ton of poop bags with your pet. Three to four a day is a lot of plastic. You know, actually, these plastic bags are impossible to decompose even if some years. After a small research, we have done apparently many biodegradable dog poop bags made of Cornstarch still takes between 1-10 years to decompose fully, which is better than regular plastic don't get you wrong. Still, the combination of Cornstarch & BPAT its actually what make the bags completely dissolve within a short time that average at 3 months. To all other shoppers who care about the environment, this is the real deal. 

Compostable poop bags wholesale

What are compostable poop bags advantage?

The compostable poop bag is easy to refill and great quality. Most importantly, it contains the smell. The little poop emojis make you smile. They are biodegradable, not just eco-friendly (breaking down to tiny pieces of plastic). These biodegradable bags are sturdy, adequately sized for a med-large dog, not scented, and open easily unlike thin plastic bags. This last feature has been especially appreciated compared to other brands where the sides are stuck together due to too much static electricity. It's not the typical hard plastic-type.

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