Biodegradable Bags: What are They and How Can You Use Them?

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February 28, 2021 2 Comments

It’s true that you could call the eco-friendly industry a trend, but it’s for good reason. If we don’t begin to take care of our planet collectively, we’re looking at serious long-term damage to the place we call home. Because of this, companies far and wide are changing their processes or new companies are emerging altogether to offer environmentally friendly solutions.

One of the emerging solutions is biodegradable or compostable bags. These bags are being used to combat the massive number of single-use plastics in every market today. Americans alone use 100 billion plastic bags per year.

Why Compostable Bags are Better than Traditional Plastic Bags

Biodegradable bags are manufactured with composting in mind. They are created from natural materials like plant starches and have the ability to break down over time, limiting the amount of plastic in our oceans and in our landfills.

Biodegradable bags allow for the material to be absorbed into the earth at no harm to the planet, where plastic bags are estimated to take hundreds of years to decompose in the environment. That’s not to mention that damage that is potentially done from the micro-plastics that wind up in the earth and in our oceans when plastic bags do break down.

When biodegradable bags become buried in the soil, they will turn to water and Co2, and then into organic fertilizer where they can stimulate plant growth. This break down and compost process can be completed in only 180 days versus the extensive number of years it takes plastic bags to break down. Once in the ground, these bags are not harmful, but helpful to our earth and her soil.

How You Can Incorporate Biodegradable Bags into Your Everyday Life

How many of these bags do you use per week in your household?
…. Trash bags?
…..Dog Poop Bags?
…..Shopping Bags?
…..Grocery Bags?

It’s possible that we’re not even fully aware of how many plastic bags we truly use. This short list of common place items are all opportunities to use biodegradable bags in your life on a very regular basis. It can often be difficult to try to limit our use of single-use plastics, but with compostable trash bags or biodegradable shopping bags, it becomes much easier to get to the core of one of our largest plastic pollutants.

Why Should We Use Biodegradable Bags?

These biodegradable, compostable bags are better for our environment. If we don’t begin to take steps now to protect our planet, we could find ourselves without a healthy living environment. There’s even a depiction in New York’s Time Square that gives us 7 years to reverse the irreparable damage our industries are causing our environments.

Taking something as simple as biodegradable bags and incorporating them into our everyday lives is a simple step to doing what we can to protecting our planet and ensuring a quality home for the generations that come after us.

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